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At Seltzer Group Partners we exceed expectations.

A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Seltzer Group Partners, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

I would like to thank Doug Murphy for his quick response to our insurance needs. Not only did he save me $100’s but it was so easy to switch over. The timing was perfect. Thanks again for the Seltzer Insurance Group.
Seltzer Insurance Company exceeded my expectations. They listened to my needs and I was shocked with the coverage and savings I received. They were able to save me $100’s off my current policy. Doug, specifically, was caring, professional and listened to my insurance needs. Communication was smooth and sealing the deal was fast and effortless. Very happy with our switch.
Cheryl has been amazing to work with. She is kind, sincere and always willing to help us! We appreciate her!
This is the best insurance company I have ever worked with. They make sure you are covered and they work hard to get the best price. They offer a HR helpline which is a great bonus with our insurance policies. Rick Neith is a super agent.
Response from the owner: Shana, thank you for the kind words! We appreciate you and look forward to building our relationship for years to come!
Nothing but EXCELLENCE!!! From customer service to cost of insurance. I would highly recommend Seltzer Group. You will be very happy for years to come..
Response from the owner: Douglas, your 5 star means the world to us! We appreciate your kind words and are so glad our team was able to assist you! We look forward to building our relationships for years to come!
A great organization with great people. Professional, responsive and friendly.
Response from the owner: Joni, thank you for the kind words! It means so much to our team!
Always professional and always have taken great care of our policies in regard of price AND performance. They have the best interest for our family in mind.
Response from the owner: Nate, your 5 star means the world to us! We cannot thank you enough for your kind and generous words. We are pleased you are happy with your service, and honored to to have been able to fulfill your needs. We are looking forward to serving you for many years to come!
Good service, happy with my choice in using them for my insurance
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind words, Ted! We truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you for many years to come.
I have used The Seltzer Group over 20 years now. They are always friendly, courteous and professional. They help us find ways to save on all our insurance needs. What I like best is that they review your account from time to time without prompting to see if they can save you money. I also enjoy their newsletter that they recently started.
Response from the owner: Mr. Roberts, thank you so much for 20 years of partnering with us. We take a lot of pride in our ability to assist our clients and are honored we have been able to fulfill your needs for this long. We look forward to continuing our increased communication efforts and working with you for many years to come.
No one really wants to have to deal with their Insurance company, but when we need to its so refreshing to call a phone number that is answered by a real person. And to make it even easier the people of Seltzer Group actually know what they are talking about. Great Job Seltzer! and Thank you!
Response from the owner: David, we cannot thank you enough for your kind words. We take our client relationships seriously and believe it is so important to always be there when they need us most. Thank you for your continued relationship!
I told him I was not happy with my current insurance policy for the business and they shopped around for me and saved me $4,000 which I felt that was excellent
Response from the owner: We are so glad our team was able to assist you in such a great way! Your partnership is truly appreciated. Thank you for the kind words!
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Denise Williams

As a small company, we were looking for an agency who could handle all of our insurance needs without having to shop around for each policy. Seltzer Provided comprehensive quotes for auto, business and worker’s comp coverage which saved us money on the prior year’s policies. Since switching to Seltzer their customer service has been excellent. They have worked with us to provide often complicated Certificates of Insurance to our commercial customers which takes a burden off our office staff. We also had a situation where a customer changed their regulations and required us to upgrade our liability limits significantly. Seltzer worked with us to quickly modify our policy so we did not lose out on future work. We highly recommend Seltzer to anyone looking for great rates and an agency who will be there when you need them.

Denise Williams
Office Manager, Integrity HVAC, LLC

Andrea Capone

My name is Andrea and the purpose of this statement is to communicate my sincere gratitude for the experience I had with Seltzer Group Partners with regard to my recent claim. I am a recent client to Seltzer Group Partners. I was referred by my aunt when she was telling me how pleased she was with the company. I told her how I had been a loyal customer of Erie Insurance for approximately ten years; however when I had questions or wanted changes made it was always a difficult process for some reason. I switched to Seltzer Group Partners around February and my premium was lower than what I had been paying. More importantly, Nichole Wittkopp, was always so easy to work with when setting up the new policy and making various changes. Early on I was very pleased with my decision to change companies. Then I was alerted to an issue in my crawl space in mid July. I was devastated when I found out that there was moisture being produced from the vents, which were mandatory when the house was built, but now found to be problematic. The moisture caused my joists to become compromised and weak, mold to grow, and bugs to become welcome in the space. The inside of my home is immaculate so finding out this unsafe and unsanitary disaster was occurring down below, and that it would cost approximately $15,000.00 to fix, was very overwhelming. Someone encouraged me to reach out to my insurance company. I will admit that I felt cynical as my perception was that insurance is something you pay into but they never pay out. I needed to have the work done immediately because I was informed that the amount of mold in there was going to make my family sick. I contacted Nichole and she said she wasn’t sure if it would be covered but she would check. Right away someone contacted me to ask questions. It was shocking how helpful everyone was and I felt like they actually wanted to see me get paid on this claim. I didn’t expect the company to be so helpful, particularly since I was a new client and they hadn’t “made enough money” on me yet. I sent information to the representative via email of before, during, and after pictures and the quote I received from the contractor. In the matter of a week and a half the issue was addressed and rectified through my contractor and a check was issued from the insurance. I never thought they would approve the claim without it going through a painful process. I tried not to stress out over the issue and have faith that it would all work out, but I have to admit it was very scary as a single mother to have to deal with this whole unfamiliar process by myself. It was a lot of money and it was a scary problem to have. I am so blessed to have Nichole and Seltzer Group Partners by my side at that time. I can’t possibly imagine how they could have been any better during that stressful time in my life. It was the first time, and hopefully the last, that I ever needed to put in an insurance claim and I’m happy to say that all of my preconceived notions of how the process would work were completely wrong. Thank you all so much for caring about your clients! I appreciate you.

Andrea Capone

Pat Caulfield

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority has benefitted significantly from the MRM Workman’s Compensation and Property & Liability Pooled Trust Programs since 2004. The model and concept of a pooled trust allows the client to have full transparency of all premium costs, while sustaining the ability to be rewarded with dividends issued back on those premiums paid. Our local provider, Seltzer Group Partners, provides outstanding service exemplified by their professionalism, knowledge and expertise in handling and processing claims in an efficient, accurate manner. Our success with both programs has resulted in substantial savings for the Authority. We are a proud MRM Trust member and, without hesitation or reservation, recommend participation in this worthwhile program.

Pat Caulfield
Executive Director, Schuylkill County Municipal Authority

A Satisfied Client

I just wanted to take the time to say recently I had to call Seltzer Group Partners in regards to an accident my daughter was in and I spoke to Sabrina at your Pottsville location. I cannot say enough about Sabrina. She was such a huge help and was very professional and courteous and put my mind at ease with all of the questions I had concerning my daughters accident. We have been dealing with Richard I Hart for years for our car and homeowners insurance and were a bit nervous when we found out a new group was taking over which is Seltzer Group Partners but we couldn’t be happier. I am a manager for the company I work for and customer service goes a long way and Sabrina couldn’t have done any more to have given us the best customer service possible.

A Satisfied Client