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Home » Knies Insurance Group Takes First Place in Donations Received for 2022 Honey Brook Food Pantry March Madness Fundraiser


March Madness is not only synonymous with college basketball, but with fundraising in Honey Brook, PA. The 2022 Honey Brook Food Pantry March Madness Fundraiser created a friendly competition where local companies compete with one another in donating to the local food pantry. Since 2018, the March Madness Competition collected nonperishable goods and monetary donations to help the 700 clients who the Pantry serves each month. Each year, competition organizers create a three-week-long tournament with seeding and brackets, alongside the NCAA March Madness Tournament, to create a friendly competition amongst Honey Brook area organizations to raise donations for the Pantry.

This year was different. Local companies focused on monetary donations for the Pantry. The change to donating money from nonperishable goods took a bit of selling on the idea since most people are accustomed to filling a box with canned goods or pasta, says Rob Hamm, of R-V Industries, one of the coordinators of this unique March Madness. The Food Pantry’s need this year was monetary. Generous donations of nonperishables from regular donors, the rising cost of dairy and meats, and an increase in clients to whom the Pantry serves has strained finances. The Pantry’s Kids Programs consistently see 250-300 children per month. This financial boost will help tremendously with the rising cost of food and goods.

What made this year unique was the focus on the Kids Programs. Each week’s donations supported one of three different Kids Program’s at the Pantry.

Week 1: The Backpack Program
Honey Brook Food Pantry’s Backpack Program provides backpacks full of nonperishable
food items to students in need during the school year. The backpacks are filled with at least 15 healthy nonperishable foods like peanut butter, granola bars, nuts and juices, as well as tuna and chicken, in lightweight foil packages. The food items are stored in plain
backpacks and distributed in the Honey Brook and Twin Valley elementary centers
by the school nurses.

Week 2: Under 4 Years Program
This program provides children with baby foods, infant rice or oatmeal, nutritional supplement drink, whole grain cereals, crackers, and peanut butter. Bath soap, lotions, diapers, bottles and bibs are also provided. Age-appropriate supplies are offered for children on distribution days in the Wellness Tent.

Week 3: Summer Kids Program
The Honey Brook Food Pantry provides a 3-4 day supply of various food items and educational supplies every month to qualifying clients.
This year seven teams competed by donating money during the three week competition. The donations were averaged by the number of employees in the company which translated to their score.

This year’s winner was Knies Insurance. Located in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, Knies is a local, independent insurance agency that cares about you and puts your best interests first. They offer a wide variety of insurance solutions for individuals, families and businesses throughout Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

In an exciting twist, Knies worked their way up the bracket from third place in week 1. They finished week three with a strong enough donation push to finish in first place. In total, this year’s March Madness Fundraiser was able to raise $7,023.38 for the food pantry. Below are the team placements for the Food Pantry:

  • 1st – Knies Insurance
  • 2nd – The Wright Agency
  • 3rd – Honey Brook Golf Course
  • 4th – Suburban Brewery
  • 5th – Blue Marsh Insurance
  • 6th – Kemper Equipment
  • 7th – R-V Industries

Week 1 – The Backpack Program: $2,318.58
Week 2 – Under 4 Program: $1,303.70
Week 3 – Summer Kids Program: $2,651.10
General Donations: $750
Total: $7,023.38

Monetary donations for the Honey Brook Food Pantry can be made from their website –

The Pantry needs donors to maintain and improve service to families of the Honey Brook area. They especially rely on donated funds to purchase healthy perishable foods that will contribute to the well-being of children, adults, and elderly clients. When you sponsor the Pantry, we can recognize your support in ways you would appreciate, for example, a thank you on our Facebook page and a posted display at the time of distribution.