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Must-Have Gifts

The holiday season is among us. A time that includes great anticipation of ripping the Christmas wrap from the present to see what lies beneath. But it’s also a time of stressing to find the perfect gifts for grandma and Aunt Betty. We put together this gift guide that discusses the top 12 perfect gifts for those who are hard to buy for:

Automatic Pan Stirrer
This nifty gadget is a great way to keep items from sticking to the pan, without the arm pain that is typically associated! Self-timed and shifted rotations allow for ingredients to be combined equally without the hassle.

Comfortable Loungewear Set
To minimize the spread of COVID, many people have found themselves working from home. While proper attire may be worn for Zoom calls, most of their time is likely spent in comfy clothes. A stylish loungewear set is sure to make the day of any remote employee!

Gratitude Journal
This year has been difficult for so many. This gift will provide a reminder of how many things we are thankful for in addition to providing closure of the troubles of yesterday.

Hair Care Holder
For many women, curling irons and straighteners never seem to have a ‘perfect spot’ to be stored; they’re always being left on countertops or stashed in a drawer somewhere. This unique product not only works to hold these items, it looks nice while doing it!

The perfect gift for those who want iced coffee that tastes like it was made at Starbucks. This great gadget takes hot or room temperature beverages to perfectly chilled in just one minute!

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder
The perfect kitchen accessory! With so many recipes shifting to an online nature, recipe books are becoming a thing of the past. This stoneware utensil jar has a built-in tablet holder to keep your cooking needs and recipes all in one place to easily access and read!

Microdermabrasion Kit
Many spas and skin treatment facilities have limited their services during the pandemic. Give the gift of in-home spa treatments that will reveal healthy, glowing skin.

Portable Charger and Power Bank
Living in a world where we are always connected, we find ourselves often looking for a spare outlet or USB connector to charge up. Give the gift of a portable charger and power bank for your tech-savvy friends whose battery is always dying.

Push Pin Travel Map
While travel lockdowns remain in place so many people long to travel again. These fun and interactive maps are a great way to take a walk down memory lane to reflect on past adventures while looking forward to future journeys.

Seat Gap Filler
Do you have that one friend who always loses their phone between their car seats? Look no further! This car seat gap filler provides a lifetime of protection against unwanted items being lodged in the dark abyss of the car crevasses.

Whiskey Wedge and Glass
This glass offers the best of both worlds: ice without the dilution to chill your favorite whiskey. A perfect gift for any cordial sippers you have on your holiday shopping list.

Wood Print Canvas
For a more sentimental gift, considering capturing some of the most special moments on a beautiful wood canvas. These photos are printed on a wooden plaque and offer a luxurious and vibrant result!

At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts. Trying to find the perfect gift may not be worth the stress. More than anything, make sure to tell those you love that you are thinking of them. And if you do decide to buy that special someone a shiny gift that fits on their finger, be sure to make sure it’s covered. Learn how to protect $1,000 of personal property for as little as $10 per month in our Christmas Gift Insurance Guide Article.