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Home Safety During Vacation

According to Statista, the rate of home burglaries increases by 10% during the months of June and August. The assumption behind the summertime spike is that many people are venturing out when the weather is nice: family vacations, day trips, beach days, hikes, and the list goes on. With an average loss of over $2,300 per break-in, no one wants to fall victim to the statistic. We did our research and put together a list of things that will help keep your home and belongings safe while on vacation, so you can make the most of your summer months.

Alarm the premises.
Home security systems are becoming more affordable with each year that passes. Many even allow you to do-it-yourself and check from a phone app. Arming your home with cameras will help detract potential burglars and give evidence if the unexpected does occur.

Stay off social media.
We live in a world that revolves around Snapchats, TikTok videos, Instagram photos, and Facebook check-ins. While these are great to stay in touch with friends and family and document your adventures, it can open the door to crime. Monitoring social media accounts is a prime way to map out vacant houses to burglarize.

Not taking the family pet with you? Hire a sitter!
Just like babysitters, there are entrepreneurs for hire to stay with your family pets while you’re on vacation. Having someone in the home, even for just a few hours per day, will show activity on the property and help deter anyone scoping out the neighborhood.

Secure, lock and deadbolt.
We’ve all been guilty of leaving a window or door unlocked here and there. Often, it’s no big deal, but can be a prime point of entry for someone looking to score stolen goods. Before you leave on your vacation, make sure to secure and lock all windows, gates and deadbolts. And that spare key you keep under the mat at the front door? Stowe it in the house until you get back.

Plain sight is temptation.
Leaving valuable items visible to passerby can attract unwanted attention. Close the curtains, pull any valuable items off your porch and deck, and don’t leave anything in plain sight.

Insure your belongings.
Homeowners insurance may cover damages and replacement value of stolen goods, but still has exclusions. High-valued items such as jewelry, furs and collectible items are often excluded and should be insured on a separate personal articles policy.

Our team is here to help you protect what matters most. Contact one of our highly trained independent agents today to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the sunshine of summertime.