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Home » Outdoor Quarantine Activities for the Whole Family!

Does quarantine and rainy weather have you eager to get outside? With the prediction of sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend, we composed some great, fun, and educational outdoor activities that you can do as a family!

  1. Go for a hike – many trails are open. You can find a list of the best rated trails in Pennsylvania, here:
  2. Homemade obstacle course – you can use items you have around the house – jump ropes, hula hoops, boxes… it’s a creative way to get the kinds engaged!
  3. Build a birdhouse – there are plenty of variations of birdhouses that can be built; and it’s a project you can do, and then enjoy! The Spruce Crafts have 15 DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas here:
  4. Plant a garden – what a better way to supply your family with food during the epidemic! Take some time to prepare a section of your yard, grab some plants, and learn about the importance of watering and weeding. It’s a project to keep the family engaged all summer.
  5. Rock art – a trending way of spreading smiles over the past years. Take a walk and find some unique rocks, bring them back to the house to clean and paint. If you’d like, you can then take them out another day and place them to make someone else smile.
  6. Family scavenger hunt – as a family, compose a list of 10-15 things you can look for while on a walk (birds, plants, colors, etc.), then go on a walk through your neighborhood or a hike, and the first person to spot every item wins!
  7. Kids treasure hunt – you can take some time to hide goodies somewhere in your hard. Draw a map, scorch the edges, and send the kids off to find the hidden treasure!
  8. Go fishing – it is trout season! Take a drive and your poles to your favorite little spot, pack a lunch, and spend the day by the water having good conversation and a fun time!
  9. Roast s’mores – the weather will have a nice chill when the sun starts to go down this weekend. Build a little campfire and grab the goodies to make s’mores!
  10. Stargaze – this is a great way to have a science lesson and enjoy the outdoor skies! Research constellations for this time of year, make a list, and as a family – search the sky for the familiar star clusters!

Quarantine will teach us a lot, but one of the most important things we will gain from it will be memories. Days and weeks can go by so quickly; take the time to slow down and live in life’s moments… because they are what mean the most.