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The Governor’s Office may have announced plans to re-open the state of Pennsylvania, but with the phases and layout he has released, we likely won’t be able to make dinner reservations or hit up our favorite winery with our mom’s for Mother’s Day. But, don’t fear… we’ve come up with some unique ways to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your loved ones, whether you’re quarantined or not!

If you can’t see your mom in person, here are some great social-distancing ideas:

  1. Reserve your spots for an online Paint & Sip event! Many local places are offering these – they inform you of what tools you’ll need to complete the project, they have online sign-ups, you grab your favorite drink and join in on the fun.
  2. Make a video to mom – from the family. Get everyone in on the fun – kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, siblings. Have each person tell her why they are so thankful for her, what she has done to inspire a part of their lives, what lessons she has instilled in them, and how much they love her. It’s a great way to bring everyone together, and a fantastic keepsake!
  3. Have her favorite meal delivered! With so many restaurants offering delivery services, and our ability to access companies like Door Dash and Grub Hub – order her favorite meal from her favorite place and tell her not to make any plans for dinner! It will be a nice surprise, and the cleanup is minimal!
  4. Do a drive by – take the kids, the animals, and drive to her house! Decorate posters, grab some balloons, give social distancing hugs and blow kisses. Her ability to see you on Mother’s Day will mean the world!
  5. Send her a mom care package! Like everyone else, she’s likely bored during quarantine, and getting a package with things to keep her busy is a gift that keeps on giving! Some ideas that you can include in the care package are puzzles, yard work tools or garden seeds, spa day items (face mask, nail polish, bath salts).

If you live with mom, or have been quarantined together, here are some in-person ideas:

  1. Cook her favorite meal! Grab the ingredients to her top pick of breakfast or dinner, throw on the apron, and get to work. Having a full belly from a meal that was made with love is the way to any mom’s heart!
  2. Do an in-home scavenger hunt for her present! If you were able to order something for her or get her a gift – set up notes around the house that lead her to the next clue. At the end she will find the gift and it’s a great activity for those going stir-crazy!
  3. Have a spa day! Gather all the goodies – a good face scrub, your favorite bottle of wine, two comfortable robes, nail polish, and the list goes on! Spend the day laughing, reminiscing and pampering yourselves, you probably all need it!
  4. Plan an in-home wine tasting! If the weather is nice, set up some comfortable chairs! Pick out a few bottles of wine and see what they will pair well with, and set up an afternoon of fun, wine, fruits and cheeses!
  5. Help her with a project she put on the honey-do list years ago! That’s right, we all know our mom’s have great ideas for home improvement tasks, and sometimes they just get put on the back burner. Offer to help her get it completed for a Mother’s Day gift!

Mom’s are the most selfless individuals you will ever meet. Regardless of what you plan for the day to make it special, she will be grateful. Quarantine hasn’t been fun, and it’s thrown a wrench in a lot of plans that have been made, but it has taught us to be resourceful. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make sure to tell her how much you appreciate her and all that she has done for you in your life. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!