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In our agency, we are family. Our number one priority is the safety of our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we are present. In light of the nationwide response to minimize the continued spread of Coronavirus, we are doing everything we can to prevent any internal contamination that can lead to endangerment of our staff and clients. Steps that we are currently taking to ensure the safety of all who encounter our employees or visit our offices include providing adequate availability of Lysol spray, antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer for all employees and clients who visit our offices, implementing additional cleaning measures with disinfectant cleaning solution on surfaces in our offices, and training and educating staff on the importance of staying home if they do not feel well.

We are closely monitoring suggestions by the CDC, and the government on a national and state level. We are doing everything we can to prevent any interruption in providing in-person service to our clients but are preparing for the danger COVID-19 may have impose to the safety of our employees, clients and communities.

We will provide continuous updates of anticipated office closures through the following outlets:

  • On our phone system
  • On our website (
  • Via e-mail (please call us to provide your e-mail in order to receive our communication efforts)
  • On our social media outlets (Facebook and LinkedIn).

As a reminder, we do offer online services that provide you with 24/7/365 access to your policies, filing a claim, obtaining ID cards, and other documents through our Client Portal and Mobile App. If you would like us to sign you up today for this free benefit, please contact Jonni Gray at