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Here we are, one week away from Christmas, and we’re trying to tie up loose ends with last minute gifts. We all have them, that one person on our holiday shopping list that is impossible to buy a present for. The easiest solution is usually a Visa or MasterCard gift card that they can use to buy what they want – but we know that’s no fun! There’s something special about physically opening up a gift on a holiday.

So, let’s talk about this person you’re scratching your head trying to buy for…

Do they own a cell phone? Do they own a laptop? Do they own a tablet? Do they travel? Do they ever stay in a hotel? Have they ever needed to charge something with a USB cable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – WE HAVE THE GIFT FOR YOU!

A USB Data Blocker. We know, that doesn’t sound fun, but it is! We live in a world where 4.1 billion records were exposed in the first half of 2019. Yes. You heard that right. If factored out, this would be equivalent to over 22 million compensated records DAILY. And with all the stories of cybersecurity and data breaches, many individuals still fail to protect themselves against this risk. So, why not help them in the next best way – provide them with an opportunity to keep them safe!

Think about these things, things that we’re all likely guilty of: a laptop battery being drained while waiting for our delayed flight, charging our phones at a community port in a mall while our teenage kids finish up a movie with their friends, boosting up a tablet battery on public transportation for our kids to keep entertained with their cartoons. Have you ever thought about the risk of using these public charging ports? How about the stranger you borrow a charger from in the hair salon? Similar to credit card skimming processes, your data, passwords, and logins can all be confiscated from your personal device, simply by you plugging it in. That is where the USB Data Blocker comes in to play.

For less than $10 for most products, these devices work by blocking all data that can be transported when your phone is plugged in to an unknown charger, keeping your phone or device secure. It’s the perfect present for ANYONE on your shopping or Secret Santa list. As always, we recommend doing your research to find the top rated brand… but with a gift like this, you can’t go wrong.