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news·let·ter /ˈn(y)o͞ozˌledər/ noun : a bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.

We are very excited to talk about the newest initiative we are taking to better serve our clients and change the way you view insurance. Introducing: THE SELTZER STUDIES, which were delivered hot off the press last week. We talk time and time again about how proud we are to have such a diverse staff who are educated in so many different facets of so many different industries, and we are excited to be able to utilize some of their knowledge and share it with the world!

In Vol. I / Issue I, we hear from Stephen McGorry, Commercial Lines Account Executive, as he discusses how to develop a return-to-work program, and Eric Fryer, Commercial Lines Account Executive, as he talks about developing a triage or hotline process to help minimize work comp claims, and ultimately, costs. As you read, you will also find some tidbits on how to stay cool in the summer heat, and how we are offering programs that pay dividends to our clients.

We know that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and the insurance industry can sometimes be… well… boring. So, going forward, we plan to expand the topics discussed and offer helpful insights to both commercial industries, and individual policies. During this process, we are always open to suggestions of insurance topics YOU want to hear about – commercial and/or personal! If there’s something you think we should discuss in a future issue, contact our Marketing Coordinator, Jonni Gray, at

Happy Friday, and happy reading! —>Vol. I / Issue 1