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Q: What do hospital gowns and insurance policies have in common?
A: You’re never covered as much as you think you are. (HAHA)



Let’s be honest. Insurance is a sticky topic. Most people don’t have good experiences when it comes to insurance. First of all, you have to pay to obtain it, and you usually fight with it when it comes time to use it. But insurance doesn’t have to be the depressing, taboo, mums-the-word topic that everyone makes it out to be; sometimes, it can be a great topic of discussion!

That’s where we come in. Let me introduce to you, drumroll please, Seltzer Group Partners! Who are we, what do we do, and how did we earn our tagline “changing the way you view insurance”? Glad you asked!

We have been serving our community since 1948 with home, auto, farm, small business policies, and so much more. We’ve grown from 6 employees to almost 50, and only 1 location to 7. We founded a risk management company (East Coast Risk Management) to better serve our clients. We are a founding member and partner of The Keystone Insurers Group, the second largest independent agent group in the United States. We have been running a golf tournament for 20 years that has raised over $100,000 for individuals with special needs.

But… what does all of this mean to you?

We are an organization who has core values, SELTZER STRONG values to be exact. We are committed to our employees, our clients and our community. We serve with integrity and put the needs of our clients first. At Seltzer Group Partners, our employees are thoroughly trained to meet with and hear the needs of our clients. We hear what your goals are, review your current position, and derive a plan that will get you from point A to point B.

Whether it’s life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, property insurance or commercial insurance, we’ve got you covered. Being a partner of The Keystone Insurers Group, we can offer specialized programs to a large variety of industries, we have more leverage with insurance companies, and position ourselves with superior access to the marketplace. We are able to offer our clients a strength in numbers price, but keep the personalized feel.

And most importantly, the part we don’t like to talk about, but must stress: if you do have to file a claim… you don’t have to go through the carrier and talk to someone on the other end of a multi-billion-dollar company where they view you as a number. You report the claim directly to our agency, which has a 24/7/365 emergency line, and we will go to bat for you! You heard that right, we will take care of acting as your representative from start to finish, to ensure you are receiving compensation for all that you’ve invested in!

See, insurance isn’t that bad, is it?