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Spartan Games

Anne Frank once said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” If you take a moment to stop and reflect on the meaning of this quote, you begin to realize how many individuals spend their time working to improve our world. Many of them go unnoticed, and their hard work doesn’t receive the appreciation or gratitude that it should, but that doesn’t stop them from fulfilling their philanthropic mission. In Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, we at Seltzer Group Partners are very proud of our community who never fails to come together to support many in need.

Every spring, thousands of residents and volunteers from Schuylkill and Columbia County rally together to make the North Schuylkill Spartan Games possible. With so many negative stories in the world, it is events like the Spartan Games that give hope and comfort for our future generations. This annual occasion encompasses empathy, forms a sense of community, and promotes acceptance… all while offering a day of fun and friendly competition to those who conquer their physical or mental disabilities daily.

Annually, in mid-May, thousands of people hope for the sun to be shining when they wake. Then, around 9:00 a.m., over 800 students with disabilities from 17 school districts spread across two counties pile off their buses and out of their vans, by foot or wheel, and embrace the beautiful campus of North Schuylkill High School. The day consists of throwing, jumping, and running competitions, and offers a carnival area which includes bean-bag tosses, hula-hooping, face painting and more. Children ranging in age from 5 to 19 spend time enjoying the outdoors with their teachers and parents, while volunteers hope to make it the best day of the year for them.

Seltzer Group Partners has been a proud supporter of the North Schuylkill Spartan Games since 2018, both financially and physically; and we’re thrilled to say that our team of employees takes charge and looks forward to going to the event as much, if not more, than the students! We are so thankful to our team and the other individuals for their volunteer efforts, North Schuylkill for their hospitality, and the students who participate in this event to make it a great day for everyone.

This year, we were honored to be stationed at the Carnival and Dance Party where we were fortunate to spend our time laughing with the children, manning the football toss stand, attempting our (lack-of) hula-hooping skills, and dancing the day away. It’s occasions like this where we are able to grow not only individually, but as a team, as we rally around those who can use our help. The opportunity to interact with these children and make a contribution that helps the success of the event is what makes it all worth it, and we look forward to participating for many years to come.

Check out some of our photos that recapped the events of the day:

Seltzer Group Partners Team, minus Steve, (starting back left and moving clockwise, John, Laci, Cheryl, Marie, Becky & Jonni) posing for a quick selfie before the games began!

Some of the team enjoying a quick photo-op with the North Schuylkill Spartan Mascot

The start of the games!

Marie and John spending time with the children at the football toss board during the Carnival.

A few of the children enjoying the hula-hoop station.

The team having some fun during student group rotations!

Thanks to our friends at Berks • Fire • Water who donated water for the event – it was put to good use!