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The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Festive decorations, elaborate feasts, and lots of presents are just some of the things that people look forward to. However, with lights strung about your home, lots of cooking, and expensive gifts ripe for the taking, the holidays can also be a dangerous time. Lights and cooking can catch on fire, while thieves can take your gifts. Luckily, homeowners insurance is one way to keep yourself safe.

But what exactly is covered, and what isn’t? Use this list of common incidents to find out if you’ll be compensated under your coverage.

Cooking Fires

It doesn’t matter how good of a cook you are. Even the best chefs are bound to burn something from time to time. Whether you’re roasting chestnuts over an open fire or you leave the ham in the oven too long, any type of cooking fire is covered by most homeowners insurance policies.

Light Display Fires

Those holiday decorations might look pretty, but they can quickly become a problem if you don’t watch out. Just because your lights are strung up outside, doesn’t mean they aren’t part of your home. If any of them spontaneously combust into flame and cause damage to trees or shrubs on your property, you’ll be safe thanks to your homeowners insurance coverage.

Christmas Present Theft

While everyone is looking forward to the presents under the tree, thieves are also keeping watch. Thieves know that many people buy expensive electronics and jewelry for Christmas, so they often plunder underneath the tree. Luckily, any theft is covered by your policy. Just look into specific item look into specific item limits, as you might need to adjust your policy to get 100 percent coverage on everything.

Slip or Fall on an Icy Porch

The wintry weather can present plenty of hazardous situations during the colder months. Let’s say a guest slips and falls on your porch. In addition to paying for their medical needs, your homeowners insurance should also provide liability coverage in case they decide to sue. If you don’t have the right insurance you could wind up paying for someone’s broken tailbone out of your own pocket.

Winter Storm Knocks a Tree Into Your Window

Winter can have some pretty intense storms. This adverse weather can have a penchant for blowing dead trees and debris through windows. With homeowners insurance, you don’t have to worry, as these types of damage are covered.

Don’t go without homeowners insurance this holiday. The risks are just too group. Contact Seltzer Group Partners today to find out more about our affordable and comprehensive insurance plans.